Holden Commodore VK SL Sedan 1984


Odometer               264,900 km


  • Ex Highway Patrol Vehicle
  • Icon to Australian motor vehicles
  • Powerful 5.0L 308 V8 engine
  • Milestone to Holden performance vehicles
  • Duplicate owners manual

This stunning example is finished in ‘Absinth’ yellow and is fitted with a grey toned front and rear bumper, exclusive at the time to the model. It features the period correct rims to the release of the VK SL and presents excellent overall.

It features the optioned 5.L 308ci V8 engine and is paired to a 4-speed manual transmission, these examples were built for power and were choice as performance highway patrol vehicles during their time of production. These cars ran smooth, handled well and offered a quick response to acceleration to accommodate all drive types and conditions.

The cabin inside of the VK SL sedans were designed slightly different to later Holden models and featured a new fitment of map holders, in built ashtrays into the front armrests and the speedo having smaller increments on the gauge for a more practical driving experience.

The Holden Commodore VK was a mid-sized sedan produced by the Australian Manufacturer Holden between 1984-1986 and was the fourth-generation luxury release to the Commodore series. The VK series from 1984 were the first commodores to have a polypropylene front bumper. Their success saw production reaching over 135,705 during the 2-year manufacturing period.

Its design introduced the rear quarter windows and the re-shape of the front grille and revamped dash instruments. These cars saw their success as both performance-orientated and a luxurious, comfortable drive. It featured a new rear tail light assembly that were a milestone for Holden and were manufactured across other models.

Ex-pursuit cars like these, are a rarity and extremely hard to find in this condition.

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