Holden FJ Special Sedan 1955


Odometer               79,937 km


  • Holden’s top seller
  • Beautiful condition
  • Iconic Australian vehicle
  • Original unmodified condition
  • High spec Special version

The FJ was produced from 1953 to 1956 and was essentially a face lifted version of the original FX or 48-215. Holden’s new cars were the beginning of a gold era for Australian motoring and the FJ became Australia’s most popular car.

The car represented a new freedom to Australian families allowing them to explore the venture further afield.

Available in 3 body styles ute, van and sedan the FJ soon established itself as a staple in the automotive landscape. The versatility of the new commercial ute and van bodies also made them a popular choice in all types of industry.

A car that’s close to many as a first driving experience or first car, if you weren’t luck enough to have one yourself you certainly knew someone with one. This two tone example in Squadron blue with haze blue roof over a blue and grey interior is a true time warp. Beautifully presented this car was restored by an enthusiast over a 10-year period and was completed in 2004 a testament to their attention to detail the car is factory perfect with the addition of a few safety related items such as modern seat belts and turn signals. This a Special spec version consisted of a mild interior facelift along with a variation in paint and trim options new for the 1955 model.

A simple but powerful 2.2 Litre inline straight 6-cylinder grey motor provides ample performance combined with a column shift manual transmission.

Ready to enjoy this car is an icon and with the demise of real Holden’s these are a serious collectable.

* Test drive and Viewing by Appointment Only



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